Twa auld guys and a dug go for a walk (Along with their lovely wives)

Starting on Sunday the 5th of March Francis Binnie Mary Binnie Margaret and I are starting ramsaya walk from Kincardine to St Andrews, mostly along the Fife Coast Pathway, a distance of 80 miles. With us will be going Ramsay, the intrepid Jack Russell Terrier.

Not only will this be the most enormous fun, walking through the balmy calm sun kissed March days along the white sands of the Fife coast lapped by the deep azure North Sea, we are also hoping to raise some money to help buy a baby monitor for the Mbereshi Hospital in Zambia. mbereshi-map

Ida Waddell one of the Church of Scotland Mission partners ( recently told us of the need

 “One of the recent times I was in Mbereshi and as a Theatre Nurse they called me to help in the Theatre as the Clinical officer who usually did the Anaesthesia was sick. We had two emergency C Sections lined up. I thought not a problem until I went into the Theatre to find only a small digital BP machine. I had been used to where I had worked and in Mwandi to be able to monitor the Heart with an ECG. Set the monitor to automatically read the BP every three minutes and monitor the O2 levels via the Pulse Oximeter . For the safety of our Patients this is a vital machine. It is actually also very unfair that the Clinical officer has the responsibility of the life of the patient without the back up.
When the first baby was born I had to resuscitate the baby, leaving any thought of Monitoring the mother while I worked on the Baby.
With a Monitor an alarm would go if there is a problem.
By the Grace of God the  Anesthetics on the two mums went smoothly and the two babies were    fine.”
Shortly we will put up a just giving link for donations if you feel so inclined.
We think it is going to work out like this:

Sunday            Kincardine 13.00 to Charlestown Harbour 17.30
Monday           Charlestown Harbour 10.00  Silversands Bay Aberdour 18.00
Tuesday          Silversands Bay Aberdour 10.00  East Wemyss  18.00
Wednesday    East Wemyss 10.30  Earls Ferry  17.00
Thursday         Earls Ferry 10.30  Fife Ness  17.30
Friday                Fife Ness 11.00  St Andrews 18.00

Because of the tides it is very unlikely that the last day will be along the coastal path but an alternative route is being researched.

Keep coming back for more news and check out facebook etc!


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