Off and Running (well walking)


The first seven miles are in the bag, or will be by tomorrow night. Basically the bit between Torryburn and Rosyth. It was partly training walk and shoe try-out, and partly because the weather this week has been so good that it seemed a shame not to take the chance. The advantage of this is that the first days walk will now terminate at Torryburn so that I can get back to the manse in time for the Lent Bible Study. (Yes OK the timing of all this could have been better. But don’t worry about not being able to eat chocolate on the road to keep my strength up. My Lenten discipline this year is not to go Hang Gliding.)

Anyway the other knock on effect is at thIMG_3210.JPGe far end. We are told that the hardest part of the walk is the last few miles into St Andrews and that high tides would prevent us completing the section between Fife Ness and Kings Barns. So now we will take advantage of having some miles in the bag and alter the timings a little. We have a shorter last day and we go round the corner at Fife Ness and over the beach and rocks while the tide is low.

So the new schedule should now look like this.

Sunday Kincardine 13.00 Mile Mark Torryburn 7
Monday Rosyth (Caledonian Hotel) 10.00 14 Burntisland Beach  29
Tuesday Burntisland Beach  10.00 29 Methil 44
Wednesday Methil 10.30 44 St Monans 58
Thursday St Monans 10.30 58 Kings Barns 71
Friday Kings Barns 11.00 71 St Andrews 80

Anyone is welcome to join us for any part of the walk, although you will have to make your own arrangements for getting to and from the start and end points! And if you feel so moved please do click on the just giving link and do your thing.

Anyway I will keep things updated as much as possible.

Many thanks




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